Can I as Spouse or Parent Become Whole When Dealing With an Addict?

Detachment. This is to distance me from the adverse effects of another person’s addiction on me. Instead of becoming obsessed about the person’s behavior, the focus should shift to myself.

Therefore Stop! suffering, creating crises, covering up mistakes, mishandling yourself, taking over other’s tasks, trying to fend of crises, etcetera, because in the long run this doesn’t work. Rather ensure that the rest of the family’s safety takes priority. Treat situations logically and rationally – speak to a psychologist that knows something about the topic and allow the addict to take responsibility for their own actions.

Stop merely existing. Through breaking free you can eventually start to live. And occasionally if things get out of hand, this implies divorce.

About thatpsychologist

Clinical Psychologist in private practice in George and Mossel-Bay Kliniese Sielkundige in privaat praktyk op George en Mosselbaai.

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