Types of Evaluations

1. Neuro-Psychological

These are typically used to ascertain the impact of a brain-related incident.  Examples include tumors, head injuries and cardio-vascular incidents.  Feedback is given on mental state, attention, personality, concentration, orientation, memory, verbal-, construction-, perceptual-, conceptual- and other higher order functions.

2. Personality

Personality profiles are often expected in custody and/or visitation situations; for personal growth, employment and other related instances.

3. Medico-Legal

These evaluations focus on aspects relating to the ability to stand trial, impact of trauma, ability to handle own affairs, custody battles, etc.

4. Intelligence

Intelligence tests evaluate the person’s intellectual abilities and helps with work/school placing, ability to stand trial, etc.

About thatpsychologist

Clinical Psychologist in private practice in George and Mossel-Bay Kliniese Sielkundige in privaat praktyk op George en Mosselbaai.

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