Time Line Therapy

Timeline therapy is a very powerful, solution-focused, brief technique with an unlimited amount of possible applications. It utilizes the brain’s ability to store time (along with everything that happens within that period). By means of altering the brain’s storing mechanisms, past incidents can then be experienced in a different way to which they are currently experienced. The negative connotations attached to unpleasant incidents are then converted to neutral or positive associations. This places the insights gained and lessons learnt at the foreground; instead of the anxiety, guilt, etc. Fears or anxieties related to upcoming situations can be managed in a similar way.

This treatment is especially effective for treating traumatic experiences, inappropriate guilt and shame, anxiety and fears. In some cases it is even possible to get rid of great discomfort through only a few minutes’ input (for example a molested individuals’ inappropriate guilt feelings).

The biggest advantage of Timeline therapy is its focus on the process of therapy, rather than the content of the incidents. Patients/clients therefore do not need to disclose the content and the details of the trauma to the therapist; and thereby avoid being re-traumatized.

Every person has a timeline; however each individual’s timeline is absolutely unique. Timelines differ in terms of direction, form, colour, thickness, texture and a magnitude of other variables.

Exercise: First read through the instructions thoroughly and then follow them while peeping at them at times. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes while breathing calmly;

Think about the past and point your finger in the direction of the past;
It could be behind you or on your left side or somewhere else;
Now think about your future and point your finger in the direction of the future;

Imagine that you are floating out of your body towards the ceiling in such a way that you can look down on your body;

You will see that the points you indicated as the future and the past are connected in a certain way, with a line or a bow or a curve;

Now take note of all of the detail of this line, for example whether the points have specific places of origin and whether it just appears out of infinity; whether it runs next to or through your body; is it straight or are their bends; does the colour in the future differ from the colour in the past; what is the thickness, texture, gradient

This is your unique timeline and where the line meets the body, indicates the PRESENT;

Once you have finished looking at your line; you can, as a matter of speaking, float back into your body and slowly open your eyes in the here and now.

To learn more about Timelines or to undergo Timeline therapy yourself, call Tjaart van der Walt’s office (See contact details).

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